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Great manhood anal sex is not a hindrance

Can the penis be too big for anal sex?? Perhaps not, but it is still recommended to prepare for this event in advance, that is.,. if you have enough lubricant, choose the right pose and relax, anal sex should not cause many problems, but on the contrary only pleasure and enjoyment.

1 – Anal plug-in

Anal plug or viagra generika butt plug is one way to prepare for anal sex if your partner has a large penis. To do this, you can take a plug-in with a diameter similar to the partner’s member, or two plug-ins with a smaller size. chaussures nike en solde Plug-ins that are smaller in size can be used for training, and then you can already insert a larger plug-in into the anal opening.

Plug-in can be entered in the morning and go with it until the evening or enter it just before the anal sex itself, and you can also use it as a prelude prop. If you use a plug during vaginal sex, then a man during sex will get more pleasure, because because of the plug, the vagina narrows a little.

2 – Grease and lube

Since the area of the anal opening does not produce a natural lubricant, it is recommended to use special lubricants designed for this purpose during anal sex. chaussures nike Use about the possibility of more lubricant, as there is never much.

of it. – Comfortable pose

Although the "Doggy Style" pose is the most popular and convenient for anal sex, but despite this, it is not necessary to have sex exclusively in this position, especially if a man has a large penis. So, for example, the missionary position, when a woman from below, lying on her stomach, and a man from above also allows you to relax the anal muscles and facilitate penetration. In addition, another convenient position for anal sex, if the partner has a large penis, is the "spoon" position (both partners lie on their sides; the woman has her back to the partner). The "spoon" pose allows a woman to relax the anal muscles, and it is quite easy for a man to penetrate the anus.

. – Relaxation

In the event that a woman experiences pain during anal sex, it is desirable that the partner stops, but does not remove the penis from the anus. During this pause, it is advisable for a woman to take a few deep breaths and exhalations, which will help to relax the anal muscles.