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UI Design Trends For 2020

Technology is dynamic and is continuously changing. In effect, the need of the hour is to keep up with the pace and the changes. All website designers need to collaborate with traditional designs and adapt to innovative ideas at the same time. Here are the six best UI design trends for 2020:

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Microinteractions are some of the most important components of any website or app. Most people would not even notice them or know about them in any interface. But they can make a huge difference in the appearance. For instance, many sites have a special functionality called the Like button. Now, this may not look like a big component of the website design, but it definitely contributes to the success of the page. It helps improve user experience.

You do not notice these microinteractions all the time because they are well blended with the design or interface. Thus, these small features are definitely something to look for as UI design trends in 2020.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new piece of innovation that is gaining popularity with each passing day. The VR game especially changed since 2019 when VR headsets gradually became the new trend. While this was initially a part of the gaming industry primarily, it gradually gained significance in other industries as well.

2020 seems to be the year when a lot of companies plan on introducing their customized virtual reality headsets in their respective fields. This effectively opens up growth opportunities for a number of significant technology ideas.

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Augmented Reality

Continuing from the idea of virtual reality, augmented reality is another concept gaining a lot of significance in recent years. In fact, a lot of the leading tech companies across the globe are investing heavily in the field of augmented reality. As an example, Apple has recently launched its AR toolkit that is doing the rounds these days. This was done in an attempt to help designers build their AR products.

The idea is to allow the developers to include human movement and interactions within an app or website. This provides a lot of useful growth opportunities over the next few years. In the same context, this also requires a lot of learning and adoption of new tools and ideas. Augmented reality, thus, is one of the best UI design trends in 2020.

Asymmetrical Designs

The traditional website designs included well-placed designs with symmetrical areas of content. While that was a well-accepted idea, it has become a thing of the past now. Asymmetry is the need of the hour now. More and more designs these days rely upon misplaced content boxes that bring a more contemporary outlook to the page.

There is no doubt that asymmetrical layouts are gradually moving out, making way for new dynamic templates. Effectively, the idea is to be able to do away with pre-defined templates for apps and websites. This opens up more innovation channels that bring in new designs instead of confining to the traditional approaches. Thus, asymmetrical designs are the newest trend in 2020.


Over the last few years, there has been a major shift in the way websites and apps tell their story. What does storytelling actually refer to? It describes how data is transferred from the website to the users or visitors. The idea is to conduct this data transfer in the most informative and creative way.

Be it the landing page, explaining the site, or even introducing new products or services on the page, storytelling is the key. And gradually, developers are laying more focus and importance on storytelling involving creative ideas. Hence, this is a standout UI design trend for 2020.


While animation designs have already been in UI design for many years now, they are gaining a different reputation over recent years. These are rather popular design elements that can add that extra bit of zeal to the website UI. The 2020 design trend dictates the inclusion of human touch or human-centric elements in animation designs.

The idea is to be able to bring the products and services to life. Whether you are selling real estate or food, some good animations can really change the UI design outlook.



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