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3 Must-Know Tips To Start Freelancing With No Experience

The world of employment has been changing a lot during the recent years. According to several studies, it seems that the number of people who found a job on the web is constantly growing. This is a fact not only in the US, that is second only to India in the field of online employment, but also many European countries and, not surprisingly, even in many African countries.

The World Of Freelancing Is Growing


The growth is expected to continue over the next decades and, according to certain experts, we should even get ready to see a digital transformation in the world of employment. This means that we’re supposed to have more online businesses and freelance employees than we have today.

What’s more, several commercial fields show to perform excellent results in terms of revenue on the web. It’s the case of the gambling industry, for example. Online casino companies are currently licensed and authorized, they offer safe games and fair payment options. The same goes for numerous sports venues on the web where you can get updated news on your favorite sports and place real-money bets. Even today’s Arabs can find the thrills of safe and regulated online gambling with sites like You can get in touch via live chat or send a message to get more details.

Similarly to the gambling industry, freelancers can access a variety of fields and get started working with their skills and knowledge: writing and translation, web design, programming, web analysis, voice over services, and more.

Steps To Get Started The Best Way

Nobody will seriously blame you for deciding to give it a try. After all, freelancing offers many advantages. You can manage your workflow the way you prefer, so you can still keep your main job or you can continue your studies. In the meanwhile, you can make your first and real experiences in the world of employment, you can learn how to deal with clients and recruiters, you can learn how to handle a professional conversation (like a job interview, for example). You’ll grow as a person and as a professional in your specific field.

Doesn’t sound it enough? If you want to discover more about freelancing, here are some important facts that you should know to get started the best way possible avoiding wastes of time and the most common mistakes that almost every freelancer makes when they have no work experience:

  1. Understand your skillsfreelancer
    You may feel skilled in a variety of jobs, but the best thing is to define a clear field and work on that. At least, this is what makes things easier for you at the beginning. Outline your skills and prepare a CV to post on your account (you need an account on a dedicated platform for freelancers). Make sure the information you write is true. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed because you have no experience – everyone starts like that!. Focus on your will to get started and enthusiasm for accepting new job offers. Be polite and honest, that’s important.
  2. Patience, you’ll need much patience
    If it’s a worldwide popular platform for freelancers, you’ll have fewer chances to get job offers than expert people who are working there for a long time. You’ll have to be full of patience. In the meanwhile, don’t waste time waiting for things happening by magic. Take action and spend time browsing the platform and find good job offers that match your skills. When applying, keep in mind to attach your CV. Do not apply for random jobs that you can’t do and do not send the same job applications to every job offers. Diversify your application according to the job requirements.
  3. How to behave for a job interview
    Sooner or later, someone will want to work with you. You know, you’re blessed. A job recruiter picked your application amidst hundreds… it’s your chance to make a good impression. If you’re invited for a job interview, be flexible, and accept the recruiter’s time and conditions. Answer all questions precisely and clearly. At some point, the recruiter will want to explain the job. Make sure you understand his/her job requirements and, if you have a doubt, don’t hesitate to answer your question. Be clear on costs and time of completion of the job. Anyway, show the recruiter you are motivated and happy to start working for his/her company.

Finally, don’t accept the workflow that you can’t handle within the given deadlines. It’s better to work little and good rather than much and bad.